Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I dress in order to enter a salt room?

The salt room can be reached as you usually dress. In order to maintain the sterility, the patient receives for the shoes a disposable cover

  • Will I be cold in the salt room?

The temperature in the salt chamber is regularly maintained at 65-75 degrees. The patient rests on a pampering armchair, if necessary we can provide some comfortable blankets.

  • From what age can I enter a salt room?

All age groups of children and adults from the age of 3 months can enter the salt room

  • For how long should I stay in the salt room?

The recommended treatment is between 30 minutes for the treatment of children and up to 50 minutes in the treatment of adults, so we in the salt rooms will suit you the type and duration of treatment depending on your age and the problem you suffer

  • How will the treatment affect me?

Treatment of the salt room is individual and may affect each patient differently and of course it’s depends on ages, severity of the disease, type and quantity of drugs taken, etc.

During treatment, the patient may experience a wide range of reactions in the respiratory system. Some of these reactions are desirable and indicate positive progress in treatment. Some patients report improvement with the first entry into the salt room and others will report improvement after several treatments or after the treatment. In most patients there will be a significant change after the complete series of treatments.

The stuff at the facility are available to the patient in every question and accompanies him/her personally throughout the process

  • What about the continuation of conventional treatment?

Treatment of the salt room is a complementary medicine treatment method and does not replace conventional medicine, but rather it is combined. The aim of the treatment is to reduce the frequency of relapses of the disease, reduce dependence on drugs, prevent disease and strengthen the immune system

  • Is the treatment suitable for pregnant women?

The effect of the treatment in the salt room for pregnant women has not yet been studied and therefore we refrain from treating pregnant women in the salt room