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About 7 million children in the United States have Asthma. With the increasing rates of pediatric Asthma, parents are seeking for alternative treatments to β2 receptor agonists and anti-inflammatory drugs (inhaled corticosteroids or leukotriene receptor antagonist), traditionally prescribed for children at risk with Asthma exacerbation. A study published in 2016 evaluated the effect of Halotherapy (salt therapy) on BHR, FeNO for a better life … Read More Study


Salt Therapy

Who can benefit from salt therapy? People with: Allergies. Dermatitis. Cold. Asthma. Acne. Sleeping problems. Otitis. Bronchitis. Stress. Respiratory problems. Psoriasis. Pharyngitis. Eczema. Ent Illness. Dermal Infection. Cystic fibrosis. Fertility problems. COPD. Smoker’s cough. Sinusitis. Where: Rehabilitation Centers. Hotels. Spas. Clinics. Sport facilities Retirement Homes. Beauty salons. Schools & Nurseries. Private Homes. Effective even in veterinary clinics… NO Age Limit Patients can sit in … Read More Salt Therapy