What is it ?

  • Salt cabins is a compact little salt room (maximum size 65ft2).
  • It’s ceiling, walls and floor are covered with salt (or no salt at all)
  • Salt cabins can be relocated from the room where it was initially installed.
  • Decorative / specialties are possible upon request (salt lamps & salt rocks, TV screen, windows, music, salt shapes etc).
  • The micro-climate of the salt cabins is the same as in the conventional Salt chambers (salt aerosol &oxygen-enriched air).
  • Fresh air flows into the cabin through the ventilator.
  • Salt aerosol is removed from the cabin with filter after the session.
  • Salt aerosol doesn’t leak from the cabin into the room surrounding it.
  • Safety is guaranteed, the patient can stop the session and get out of the salt cabin at any time

24 month full warranty